hack.lu 2017

(Misc, Web) DnSoSecure - by kunte_, utnubu -100 (+ 100)

We found this Flag-Submission-Service that is used by the OTHER-SIDE. Try to get it to submit the flag to you!

(Web, Rev) Triangle - by kunte_ -100 (+ 64)

Everything is controlled by the Triangle!

(Web) Mistune - by kunte_ -150 (- 18)
Markdown parsers are fun. Now click here and steal the cookie!
(Crypto) b64 - by Sceptic -100 (+ 66)

Taking part in elite, exclusive groups entails being able to hide secrets from the lesser folk and only provide it to the gifted. Our intern recently proposed a solution to do just that.

nc flatearth.fluxfingers.net 1718


(Crypto) prime enigma - by midao - 50 (+ 100)

Hey there fellow lizard how nice of you to drop by! Did you know those filthy humans really think that some numbers have special meanings? Seven, 13 and for some strange reason even 9000. Go and show them that a good prime does not make a secure cryptosystem!


(Crypto) salsa - by SLAZ - 200 (+ 15)

The Flat Earth Society has a secret information storage. There is enough evidence in it, to convince every member of them, that the earth is round. Unfortunately, we don’t have the key …
nc flatearth.fluxfingers.net 1721


(Web, Pwn) Indianer - by hasiH451 - 200 (+ 36)

Try to enter this Tipi


(Misc, Web) flatscience - by Staubfinger - 100 (+ 90)

The Professor on Flat Earth is Prof. Flux Horst. Only for bragging he made his own Blog showcasing his favorite Papers. Beeing the only Professor, he thinks he is the smartest Person arround the Plate. Can you proof him wrong and log into his Admin-Panel?

(Rev) The Maya Society - by bykunte_ - 50 (+ 91)

Maya society was broken into a class structure with four main levels: the nobility (Maya almehenob), the priesthood (Maya ahkinob), the common people (Maya ah chembal uinieol), and the slaves (Maya ppencatob). The most powerful of the ruling elite was known as the halach uinic. The halach uinic are alive and still secretly hold meetings today. You have to reverse engineer their communication and infiltrate the ruling elite. Link